Saturday, September 7, 2013

Patsy Barber Shows Gratitude for Special Act of Kindness

Patsy accepts a box of homegrown tomatoes from Kathy and Marylin
Simple acts of kindness on the part of formerly homeless, mentally ill men and women of faith along side men and women from various faith communities in neighborhoods are touching people in a special way. The Happy Cab & The Mighty Tomato Factory Project is a wonderful example of how people from all walks of life are working together to build bridges of connectivity, kindness and  love.

Here is a touching thank you note from Patsy Barber who received not only delicious tomatoes, but a much deeper blessing.
Thank you to each of the ladies that brought me awesome tomatoes. You each do a great job and I appreciate each of you. God Bless each of you.

Thank You,
Happy Cab & Mighty Tomato Factory.
Thank you, thank you for the most beautiful and awesome tomatoes that you brought to me last Thursday evening. It was nice to fellowship and make new friends. Thank you for thinking about me -- It's been years since I've tasted a homegrown tomato out of a garden. My husband and I both grew up on farms and raised gardens until we weren't able anymore. It's a lot of fun and to eat your rewards of hard work. My husband passed away 1 yr. 8 months ago now. I miss him.
Have a blessed day,
Patsy Barber

Learn more about The Happy Cab & The Mighty Tomato Factory Project on the Abba’s Family website.

Posted with permission from Robert Althoff