Saturday, August 10, 2013

Who is Abba's Family?

Abba’s Family is a Christian organization…

  • Serving to transform the faith community
  • Influencing the faith community to become a relevant presence in the face of poverty
  • Helping to restore “community” to neighborhoods
  • Working to end homelessness among the mentally ill
  • Establishing inclusion and recovery for formerly homeless mentally ill men and women
  • Joining with individuals and neighborhoods to solve challenges in their neighborhoods
  • Reaching out to others to join us
Abba’s Family was founded in 2007 by seven Tulsans committed to responding to the needs of the poor and, in so doing, the transformation of the church. Its mission was defined by a deep sense that “the faithful” have walked away from their responsibility and capacity to offer core life change for those who live with the many faces of poverty. More recently, Abba’s Family has directed much of its attention to the needs of mentally ill. It works to build bridges of connectivity between the faith community and formerly homeless mentally ill men and women. The faith community is being transformed and mentally ill men and women are being more fully included in the life of their neighborhoods and finding unprecedented levels of recovery as a result.